4 Reasons to See a Urologist

4 Reasons to See a Urologist

There are many reasons to see a qualified urologist once you have concerns about your reproductive health. This medical specialty helps determine a person’s fertility and in helping couples conceive a child. But not all people know when or if they should see one for fertility issues. To assist you with the care you require, here are ten great reasons to see an urologist in Abu Dhabi. Consider them for further consideration.

Bladder infection:

One reason to see a urologist is to receive a bladder infection. Having a UTI can be extremely painful, as it can disrupt the way a person feels and the quality of their life. When you visit a doctor for a UTI, they can give you a treatment option in which you will be given medicine in hopes of killing the infection and preventing future ones from forming in the future. 

Prostate cancer screening:

Another reason to see a doctor when it comes to reproductive health is to be screened for prostate cancer. The prostate gland is located just below the bladder, and most men do not get to check their prostate glands until they are older. While prostate cancer is relatively rare, it can be a serious problem, and it can block a person’s urinary tract or even grow to be cancerous. 

Urinary tract infection:

Another reason to see a doctor is to get a urinary tract infection. UTIs can interfere with the normal way a woman’s bladder functions, and bladder infection can feel much more similar to a faucet headache than anything else. A urologist can be used to remove a stone that has become too big in a bladder, which may be pressing against one of the tubes of the urinary tract. If the stone is made of bacteria or an infection, then the doctor may also be able to prescribe antibiotics that will help to kill off the infection or help to stop the ability of the bacteria to build up in the bladder. 

Provide special protection:

One of the last reasons to see a Urologist & cosmetic dentistry in Abu Dhabi is to see if he or she can give you some special types of protection to help deal with urinary incontinence. Often, people can use incontinence pants or pads to help them deal with the problem. Many different types of protection can be used, including adult diapers and liners that make it so the urine doesn’t flow out of the bladder.