How to Keep E-Cigarettes in Perfect Shape

Here are some tips on keeping your e-cigarette in Abu Dhabi in great shape. Lithium-ion batteries should be changed every month to avoid overheating and even possible explosions. Also, remember to clean your e-cigarettes and store them properly to avoid damage. You can read more on these topics below. – Store the e-cigarette in the freezer. It will keep the liquid fresh for a longer time.

Change lithium-ion batteries:

There are many reasons that lithium-ion batteries in e-cigarette products can overheat, catch fire or explode. The most common cause is misuse, which can crack the battery’s plastic case. Lithium inside the battery can then come into contact with humid air, triggering a chemical reaction that results in the resulting combustion.

Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to avoid these situations. You can use a spare battery for e-cigarettes and put it in your pocket or purse if you’re travelling. If the battery catches fire, remove it from the heat source, place it somewhere cool, and let it cool. If you’re concerned about its safety, use a fire extinguisher like water or dry chemical.

Cleaning e-cigarettes:

Cleansing e-cigarettes is one of the most important aspects of owning one, as dust, dirt, and e-liquid residue can accumulate on the device. While this isn’t harmful to the device itself, it can make surfaces around it look dirty. Ceiling fans, for example, will build up dust faster than usual if the e-cig residue isn’t cleaned.

Properly storing e-cigarettes:

When you’re done with your electronic cigarette, it’s time to store it properly. To keep it in pristine shape, make sure it’s out of reach of children. Kids are curious by nature and love to imitate adults. Avoid storing it near a bookcase or under a pillow, as children might be tempted to reach in and take a puff! Store it vertically to avoid leakages.

Store e-cigarettes in cool, dark places. Light and heat damage nicotine in e-liquid, so ensure its kept out of direct sunlight. You can find inexpensive airtight glass bottles online at your local grocery store. It will help preserve the nicotine’s freshness and quality. Then, keep your e-cigarette in a cupboard or cabinet in a cool, dark place.