5 Things You Need To Look For In A Parking System

5 Things You Need To Look For In A Parking System

A top-of-the-line parking guidance system in Abu Dhabi can help building owners get the most out of their parking facility. Apart from improving their service delivery to their current tenants, they can also open their parking space to outsiders who are looking for a space to park and house their vehicles.

Given the benefits this kind of system can provide, you need to ensure that you get the right one for your parking facility. If you are in the process of scouting one for your building, here are the features that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Easy to operate dashboard

One of the things that you need to know and check when looking for a parking management system is the convenience and ease of use. Keep in mind that your staff will be the ones operating and using the system. Hence, you need to ensure that the system you will pick is less than complicated and easy to understand by anyone.

  1. Airtight database

Despite the ease of use of the system, it should have an airtight database. You need to remember that you will be handling tenant information and the confidential details like car registration details of your parking guests. Be sure that your parking system database is hard to digitally infiltrate, especially by hackers. Getting this information out in the open would compromise the safety of your guests and tenants.

  1. Wide range of features

Apart from the airtight database, you need to pick a park management system that will provide you with an array of features that would make parking management a breeze. These feature should include static and demand capacity, overcapacity alerts, and allocation of parking spaces. This would help you to ensure that your parking management is on point.

  1. Additional security features

Parking security is essential, since you are housing a number of vehicles. You need to ensure that your parking management system is able to integrate your top-notch security system. You may want to ask valet parking companies in Dubai if their parking systems can accommodate such feature or if it included in the system already.